Here we explain the process for getting your business online with a custom designed web site. The Copper Shark guidelines listed here show you the steps we take fron the beginning of a project until the end.


STEP 1:Discover
Copper Shark starts the project off getting a thorough understanding of your place in the market and your business needs. This includes getting to know your goals, the main objective of your web site, what you expect from the website and how will you measure your performance.

  STEP 2:Structure
Next we discuss all of the aspects of your business and work on the hierarchy of your web site. We then create a site map for you to review, this will be the foundation for the navigation and include information on the content that will be included within each page. This is very important in determining the cost of the project, we may go back and forth with you three or four times until this is complete. The site map specifies the number of pages and amount of content the web site will be constructed with.
STEP 3:Quote
We then can give you a quote for the design and construction of the web site. One of the main factors in giving you a figure for the web site is the time we spend on the initial design. A good example of pricing differential would be the costs for designing a new logo. You could hire us to design a logo for $200 and we will spend 3 to 5 hours on the design. Or we could charge you $2000, and we will spend around 40 hours coming up with different idea's, color combinations, etc. and there is your logo. Obvisouly the time spent on the second logo is what makes the up the integrity of the design.
  STEP 4:Domain Name
If you don't already have a domain name reserved for your company, we will work with you in finding a recognizable domain name that is associated with your business and that you are happy with. After the purchase of the domain name we will set up your hosting and put up your logo, a paragraph or two about your business, a note that it is under construction and you will have the ability to start using the email address associated with the domain name.
STEP 5:Design
We will design your web site preserving your company's unique corporate identity. We create an easy navigation for users, and will work with you to display the content with a look and feel that is pleasing overall. The design will be presented to your company. At this time we will discuss the design concept with you and listen to your suggestions to improve on the design and layout. The appropriate changes will be made and the concept will be presented to your company a second time. After minor changes and approval of the design and layout, the construction of the web site will begin. We first need your logo, page copy and any photos you would like to display on the home page.
STEP 6:Construction
Construct the navigational architecture and propagate all of web pages within the web site with graphics and content. This stage has been known to take a while, it all depends on you, because to construct each page we need to receive the assets (page copy & photos) for each page. After we receive the content for a page we will construct that web page. We will post the web site on your domain where only you can view it with a hidden URL.
  STEP 7:Search Engine Implementation
During the construction of the web site we keep in mind the necessity to make each page search engines friendly. This includes the page title, textual content that is written with key words in mind and image tags. We also need you to provide us with a list of meta tags, which include keywords and descriptions for each page. We will insert these into the HTML of the pages.

STEP 8:Going Live
Once all of the previous steps are in effect we go live with your web site, submitting the URL of your web site to some of the major search engines that are used today.

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